Drift Fishing (Winter SH)

Winter Steelhead (SH) can be caught drift fishing w/ spin rod or bait casting rod using salmon-eggs or sand-shrimp.  They can also be caught using bead [or corky] & yarn, which is an egg immitation. To be successful w/ bead & yarn, try water that is moving. In fact, if the water is moving quickly, bead & yarn can be nearly as effective as drift fishing w/ bait. Andy and I once saw a drift fisherman hook 17 SH one day using a pink yarn fly. The following day, between the two of us (fishing side-by-side), Andy and I together hooked 14 SH using a bead & yarn combo; we did not get a full day of fishing in either. Nor did we apply scent to the yarn. For Winter SH fishing, I recommend 10 or 12 lb test line.

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