Lake Cushman


Photo of "The Cabin" at Lake Cushman

Lake Cushman is in the S.E. corner of the Olympic Peninsula. It is near Hoodsport, WA. I still remember the first trip we took to the L. Cushman area; we learned about it from Mary Alice, Dick, Chris and Pete. They had property there. It didn’t take long to get us hooked--we soon purchased a lot, which we used as a trailer site. Later on, Doris and Vermont  purchased what we referred to as “The Cabin”. It initially had a flat roof. Vermont got tired of the occasional heavy snow on the flat roof, and decided to put a sloped roof on it. We had many a good time there. We enjoyed getting oysters, fishing, hiking, golfing, swimming, picnics and playing in the snow; we spent many Holidays there also. We were disappointed when it was eventually sold.

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