Mt. St. Helens Area


Photo is Silver Lake and Mt. St. Helens

While growing up in Longview, I always enjoyed the scenic drive to Spirit Lake. Over a period of time, I was exposed to camping, hiking, boating and fishing in the Mt. St. Helens area. I remember taking a fishing rod w/ me on a YMCA backpacking trip to St. Helens L.  The trip leader caught several 16” trout using my spinning rod; when I finally got my rod back, it was almost too dark to fish, and I didn’t catch a thing [although I saw a nice cutthroat following my triple teazer lure several times]. On another occasion, I backpacked into St. Helens L. by myself and stayed overnight along the lake.  This was before I had a backpacking tent; I used a rope and a tarp to keep the rain off me. A dog tagged along, and kept me company; during the night, it got hungry and broke into my pack and got some food. 

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