Climb (1973)

A Climb of Mt. St. Helens - 1973

In May of 1973, 3 of us climbed Mt. St. Helens.  We left Longview at 3:30 am.  We nearly hit an opossum on the drive up, but that is another story... A 4th person [also named Dan] went part way up, but he had another commitment, so couldn’t continue the climb w/ us. During the descent, I had the glissade of my life. After taking a picture of Dan and his cousin glissading just below the Dog’s head, I put my Kodak away, and started my glissade. I wanted to catch them, and I passed them in a hurry. It was icy, and then I realized I was going too fast. I lost grip of my alpenstock, and I caught it only because the leather shoe lace was wrapped around my wrist. I then saw rocks below me a few hundred yards away.  I turned on my stomach, and dug in w/ tip of alpenstock [see Locale->Longview->Vintage Mt. St. Helens]. I finally came to a stop. Dan was laughing at me. My pants were rolled up to my knees as neatly as could be--it looked like I had “knickers” on. The seat of my pants were ripped out too. Dan said all he could see was a rooster tail of ice shooting into the air! I have to admit that it was embarassing for me. But I learned a valuable lesson that day--glissading can be dangerous.

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