Water Skiing

Water Skiing in the Longview Area - 1970s

During the mid 1970s, I did some water skiing in the Longview area.  My family didn’t have a ski boat, but some friends of mine had nice ski boats.  We skied at places like Silver Lake, Lake Mayfield, Cowlitz and Columbia Rivers. Some of them were good at doing standing starts; however, I can’t say I ever mastered this tricky maneuver.  One time I tried a standing beach start at Lake Mayfield. My 9th grade coach [Bernard] was there; I didn’t want to make a fool out of myself.  Hence, I hung on tight as the boat gained speed.  Into the water I went.  Some said I went completely underwater [all they saw were “bubbles coming up”].  I persevered; the single ski came out of the water, and up I went.  I had done it! Pete, who was in the boat, raised his fist into the air.  Bernard was sitting on the grass in the picnic area; I was later told that he hollered “Give that guy a periscope!”

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