7 Lakes Basin (Trip 1A)

Seven Lakes Basin Trip 1 (Part 1) - 2010

Just before a long Labor Day weekend in 2010, I went on a 5 day backpacking trip with 2 other people to the 7 Lakes Basin and High Divide trail area. We started at the Sol Duc Falls Trailhead. Near the Falls, we took the Deer Lake Trail. When we got to Deer Lake, a party was taking a break on a bridge. I accidentally stepped on someone's zip locked bag filled w/ dried banana chips that was unattended and laying on the bridge; the owner was not too happy with me, but I had to admit afterward, that it was kind of funny. We saw a black bear near our first camp site (Pot Holes Meadow). Near the Pot Holes meadow, we were on the High Divide Trail; we followed this trail, and we spent the 2nd night at Heart Lake.  On the 3rd day, when we reached Cat Basin, we finished setting up our camp at about noon time; we then went on a day hike to try to climb Cat Peak. We got within an hour of the summit, but decided to turn around because we thought it was getting too late in the day. As it turned out, this was probably a good idea, as it was dark when we got back to our camp. Because we had to hike to another camp site the next day, this meant we would have to wait another year to reach the summit of Cat Peak. From High Divide, we descended the Sol Duc River trail, where we stayed one more night along the trail.

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