7 Lakes Basin (Trip 2)

Seven Lakes Basin Trip 2 - 2011

Just before a long Labor Day weekend in 2011, I went on a 5 day backpacking trip with 2 other people to the 7 Lakes Basin and High Divide trail area. This trip was the mirror image of the trip we did the previous year. We started at the Sol Duc Falls Trailhead. We reached Sol Duc Park camp site at about 4:00 pm., where we had a reservation to camp. The next morning we picked up camp and continued past Heart Lake to the High Divide. We then followed the trail to the Cat Basin Camp site, which we reached just before 1:00 pm. After setting up camp, Karen surprised Juli and I by making a banana cream pie, which was wonderful. A couple of people walked into Cat Basin, and recommended that we take a short hike to Swimming Bear L. this afternoon; they also told us that years ago Herb Crisler had built a small cabin nearby he named "The Castle-in-the-cat". We hiked to the Lake that evening, which took a couple of hours round trip from our camp site. That evening, Juli spotted 2 bull elk about 200 yards away from our camp site. The next morning we left camp just before 8:00, with the intent to hike up Cat Peak. We repeated what we had accomplished the previous year, except we got an earlier start this time, and we reached the summit at noon. We stayed on the summit for an hour. There are actually 2 summits, and it is hard to tell which one is the highest. The view from the summit is wonderful, and we had a beautiful day, without any wind. The tall cairn was no longer along the route this time :-( We then descended, and reached our camp just before 5:30 pm. We celebrated by having some lemonaide. Juli also had a nice treat for everyone--smoked oysters, which were very good. The next morning we picked up camp, and hiked along the High Divide Trail to Lunch Lake. We reached the lake at 3:30 pm, where we found a camp site. On the 5th day, we picked up camp, and hiked to the trailhead (where we started); we reached the trailhead just before 2:00 pm. The weather cooperated nicely for this trip. The backcountry ranger was helpful to us on this trip also, which was much appreciated.

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