Skyline Trail Trip 1A

Skyline Trail Trip (Part 1) - 2013

On August 10, I went on a 7 day backpacking trip with 1 other person; our objective was to backpack the full Skyline Trail, which starts near Low Divide. We started at the North Fork Quinault Trailhead. The first night we camped at Elip Creek.  We saw a black bear in a meadow just before reaching Low Divde. Although a large NOLS group was camped there, we managed to find a camp site in the trees. The next day we were hiking the Skyline Trail; we were glad the weather was nice along this part of the trip, as we were aware that route finding could be a problem. The 3rd night we camped near Lake Beauty. It was a privilege to view [peaks named] the Valhallas near Mt. Olympus & Mt. Tom. The 4th night we found a camp site before Promise Creek Pass, which we decided to spend the night at. There was a good source of water at this spot. The next day we started hiking at 8:55 AM, and we soon enjoyed the views at the Pass; we feasted on huckleberries while hiking through "The Burn". We dropped our packs near Kimta Peak and scrambled up to a false summit, which had a nice view; unfortunately, the clouds were forming by now, and we were about to get rained on. We continued on to 3 Prune Cr., and we reached camp at 7:30 PM. It was raining, so we had to set up the tent in the rain. It was nice to have dinner, and then get out of the rain in the tent. The next morning we got a late start, as we dried some things out before we started hiking. The next night we camped at 3 Lakes. We picked huckleberries there, and made a cobler--it was good!  From 3 Lakes, we descended the Big Creek trail; we saw a herd of elk along the trail. We took a break near the giant Alaska Cedar. I spotted a spider line going from one large tree to another high above the trail. We had cold drinks waiting for us at the trailhead.

Note: Part 2 of this set of slides can be found at Trails & Routes->Olympics_S->Skyline Trail Trip 1B.

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