Gl.Mead./Elwah Bsn.Trip 2B

Glacier Meadows/Elwha Basin (Part 2) -2001

In mid-July, 3 hikers and myself repeated a traverse that I had done previously in ‘89 (see note below). It starts at the Hoh Ranger Station and goes to Glacier Meadows.  It crosses the Blue and Hoh glaciers to Camp Pan. It then descends the Humes glacier, crosses the source of the Queets R., and climbs through Queets Basin to Dodwell-Rixon Pass. The route descends the Elwha Snow Finger, before finding the trail that leads to the exit point on the N. Fork Quinault R.

Note 1: During this trip, we used an altimiter to locate the trail below the Snow Finger, which took us to Elwah Basin.  An interesting event happened when we crossed the Elwah below the Snow Finger.  A team member threw a boot across it, however, it went too high and landed in the middle of the river.  We were horrified!!! Instead of sinking, it merrily floated down the river like a ship setting sail. I sprinted after it as best I could, and finally caught up to it just above a water fall. Luckily, it was circling in an eddy just above the falls. Prior to this, I think we all had visions of someone having a very sore foot near the end of this trip. Happily, it didn't happen.

Note 2: Part 1 of this set of slides can be found at Trails & Routes->Olympics_W->Gl. Mead./Elwah Bsn. Trip 2 (part 1). Additional route information can be found by selecting Trails & Routes->Olympics_W->Glacier Meadows/Elwah Basin Trip1.

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