Mt. Olympus (M. Peak, '97)

Mt. Olympus (Middle Peak) - 1997

At noon on 4th of July, 1997 four of us started w/ an objective to climb the Mid. Peak of Mt. Olympus. The route description was very similar to the one described in Mt. Olympus (West Peak, '88); however, we took longer to do this trip. We camped at Olympus Ranger Station the first night. The next day we awoke to thunder & lightning; we picked up camp and hiked to Glacier Meadows.  The 3rd day we climbed the M. Peak. The next day we hiked back to the Olympus Ranger St.  It rained 3.8 inches on the last day.  The Hoh R. was across the trail in many places.  At times we were wading through water up to our thighs. We celebrated the climb w/ a nice dinner in Forks.

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