Surf & Jetty Fishing

Jetty fishing (on the river side) near the mouth of the Columbia or Chehalis Rivers can be productive for catching salmonsea bass and ling cod. Vermont once caught a 27 and 1/2 lb Chinook off the North Jetty along the Columbia R. using a 5’ steel bass rod, level wind reel and a yellow tuna jig. It took 45 minutes to land.  My first Coho salmon was caught off the same jetty using a spinning rod and casting with herring--it was 32” long. It is still possible to catch salmon off jetties.  However, one is more likely to catch sea bass, if the lure is deep. I have caught a few Ling Cod off these jetties. Salmon can be caught using a float with herring. Sea Perch can be caught on the ocean side of these jetties using razor clam necks.

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