Lost Peak (Dosewallips R. Trail)

Lost Peak via Dosewallips River Trail - 2008

We once saw a lynx in a pasture along the road in Canada while on a Family vacation. On another time I was deer hunting in 2nd growth forrest, when I heard an odd sound [similar to a cow mooing]. The squirrels chattered nervously. I had a mental image of a cougar about to spring on me from a tree limb above; the hair stood up on the back of my neck.  Suddenly, I heard a scratching sound, and a bobcat climbed a tree 15 yds away from me. I watched it for 30 minutes [w/out a camera].  This experience later inspired me to carry a camera as much as possible. Vermont and I saw a cougar near I-5 in the headlights of my car w/ 99% certainty.  In August of 2008, Juli and I saw a cougar w/ 100% certainty up the Dosewallips R. It was a Friday, and the sun was shining at 1:15pm. We rounded a corner, and Juli stopped and said “there is a large cat on the trail”. Sure enough, 30 yards in front of us there was a cougar on the trail. It was walking.  It stopped, turned broad side to us, and it looked back at us.  I could see the distinct cougar face and long tail. Juli said it had a black spot on the end of its tail. We watched it for 10 seconds. It then trotted off and disappeared. I value this as my most memorable wildlife sighting. At this moment in time, I think Juli and I had the best view of wildlife in the entire state of Washington. We got our ice axes off our packs; we made noise so that the cougar knew our positions, as we continued up the trail. We didn’t see it again. The trail maintenance crew we talked to a few days later were surprised w/ our sighting report.

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