Gl.Mead./Elwah Bsn.Trip 1

Glacier Meadows/Elwha Basin - 1989

On Aug. 5th, 3 of us started a 9 day trip at the Hoh Ranger Station.  Our objective was the Glacier Meadows/Elwah Basin Traverse (see Reference 1). We had some excitement on this trip when a team member jumped across the headwaters of the Queets R. below the toe of the Humes Glacier; specifically, an ice-axe was accidentally dropped into the stream, which was running high at the time, and had a lot of white water.  Fortunately, we were able to retrieve it using Jim’s ice-axe as a “fishing rod”. For awhile, we had visions of crossing some snow fields short one ice-axe, which would not have been a good situation. I later found in Reference 2) [see p. 112] that Herb & Lois Crisler referred to the three ~6000' peaks near Mt. Childs as "The Prophets". The nearby pass they referred to as the "Defile of the Prophets".

1. Olympic Mountains A Climbing Guide, Fourth Edition

2. Beyond The Trails with Herb and Lois Crisler in Olympic National Park, First Edition 1998, by Francis E. Caldwell

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