Longview is located in SW Washington

I have good memories of going to school K through 12 in the Longview School District. The City is designed like a wagon wheel.  It has a [circular] hub in the middle with spokes going out in each direction.  As the “External Link” shows, Longview originally was “completely planned down to the last sidewalk and last street name before construction ever began.”  The Public Library, Post Office and City Hall are adjacent to the city’s [center] hub, along with the Monticello Hotel.

There are some photos associated with the Longview area that can be found by selecting Locale->Longview->Water Skiing Photos, ->Vintage Spirit Lake, ->Vintage Mt. St. Helens, ->View from Rainier,->Fishing in the Longview Area, ->Mt. St. Helens Area from menu bar at top. 

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