Lena Lakes Trip 1

Lower and Upper Lena Lakes Trip 1 - 1976

In the summer of 1976 I went on a backpacking trip to Lower Lena L. with 3 friends. This hike is up the Hamma Hamma River. It was one of my earliest backpacking trips into the E. Olympics area. Mary Alice [see L_Cushman] informed me that years ago there used to be a Girl Scout camp at Lower Lena L.; she said she attended Camp there on at least one occasion. In ‘76 we camped not far from where the Camp was located; we found a plaque that identified the camp site. During this trip we talked to a couple of hikers; one of them sprained his ankle trying to climb “The Brothers”. This was the first I heard of “The Brothers”. We also got a tip about the Mildred L. Trail--this hike exposed me to “Sawtooth Ridge” area. On this particular Lena L. trip, I caught some trout at Lower Lena L.--enough for each of us to have trout for dinner. We took a day hike to Upper Lena Lake, where we did some trout fishing. Although we didn’t catch many fish at Upper Lena L., Don outdid us with his fishing technique...

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